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Kevin Has a Complex Problem With His 401(k)

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain of Money Matters solve a complex 401(k) problem for a caller who is worried about his tax exposure.

When a Lot of Money Still Isn’t Enough

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain speak with a Hanson McClain advisor about a wealthy client who was given some bad advice, which almost cost her everything.

A Scam You Need to Be Aware Of

Scott and Pat speak with a Hanson McClain advisor about an elderly client who was getting ripped off.

When a Forced Retirement Is a Blessing

Scott and Pat of Hanson McClain’s Money Matters speak with a guest about a strange situation where getting laid off was actually a blessing.

Lower Taxes with Net Unrealized Appreciation

Scott and Pat discuss net unrealized appreciation with HMA’s Pat Henry, a veteran advisor of Hanson McClain.

Meet Jim, The Incredible Saver

Even though Money Matters caller Jim is such a great saver, he still wants advice about how he can save more.

Why Would You Transfer Money from an IRA Back Into Your 401(k)?

Money Matters guest David Schauer speaks with Scott Hanson and Pat McClain about an unusual asset transfer scenario that could benefit pre-retirees.

The Social Security Exception

Scott and Pat advise a Money Matters caller to take Social Security as soon as she can.

Money You May Have Forgotten About

Scott and Pat provide a caller with options for pension money he didn’t know existed.

Money Matters Welcomes Advisor Barbara Healy

Scott and Pat talk to advisor Barbara Healy about a terminally ill client whose last wish is to take care of his wife.

The Fear of Running Out of Money

Money Matters’ Scott Hanson and Pat McClain help alleviate the fear of an elderly caller who refuses to retire.

Saving a Money-Losing Business

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain give Money Matters’ caller Dave key questions to ask his accountant about a money-losing business.

John is Uncomfortable Spending Money

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a Money Matters’ caller who is uncomfortable spending money on his retirement.

When Grandparents Give the Ultimate Gift

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a caller about paying for her granddaughter’s education.

Want to Pay Less Tax? Ondene is on Target

Money Matters hosts Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a caller about minimum distributions from her IRA.

Walking the Charity Tightrope

Scott and Pat advise a caller who wants to donate to charity but needs to understand the tax implications.

Real Estate: Boom or Bust?

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain discuss real estate and where they believe the trends are leading.

Saving Money Through Savvy Tax Planning

Scott and Pat advise an attorney who has complex money issues but a surprising number of great options.

A New Department of Labor Law Protects Those Investors Who Do Their Homework

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain explain what the recent Department of Labor ruling on fiduciary advisors means for investors.

Achieving Financial Independence Takes More Than Money

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain of Hanson McClain’s Money Matters discuss what financial independence really means.

A Popular Investment Vehicle with Surprising Tax Consequences

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a caller to Money Matters on the tax complications surrounding annuities.

Good Advice Need Not Be Complicated

What are the tax advantages of opening an IRA and then immediately converting it to a Roth? Find out what Scott and Pat have to say.

A $500 Return on a $240k investment? Ouch!

Lynn is frustrated by the dismal return on her savings. Scott and Pat find a way to balance her risk tolerance with her need to earn more money.

Should You Let Your Advisor Manage Your Whole Portfolio?

Retired state worker, Donna, asks if she should have her longtime advisor manage all her investments, or just a few.

This is An IQ Test and You have Passed!

Don, a California state worker, asks if he should buy a pension service credit or invest his money somewhere else for a higher return.

There are No Guarantees in Life...Or in Indexed Annuities

Scott and Pat help Jim decipher the truth around indexed annuities and when something appears to be too good to be true.

Investment Advice for the Golden Years

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a son on how to help his 102-year old father invest for the future.

Is myRA a good start?

On CNBC, Scott Hanson argues for simplied pension laws.

Your 7 Personal Decision Points

Hanson McClain Advisors has developed the 7 Personal Decisions Points to help you prepare for retirement transition.

Hanson McClain Market Update

Scott Hanson talks about the market volatility.

Is Early Retirement Realistic?

Scott Hanson discusses investment time horizons and retirement planning.

Social Security - What you should know

Hanson McClain's video illustrates what you should know about Social Security.

What Should You Do with a 401(k) When You Retire?

Scott Hanson talks about retirement and 401(k) allocation.

When should I start social security?

Scott Hanson talks about Social Security income and strategies to maximize your social security benefits.

Can I Name My Trust As My IRA Beneficiary?

Scott Hanson discusses naming a trust as primary beneficiary for a retirement plan.

Which Pool of Money Should You Use at Retirement?

Scott Hanson talks about retirement distribution sources.

How Can I Research the Quality of My Financial Advisor?

Scott Hanson discusses how to run your own check of your financial advisor.

Benefits of an IRA Rollover

Investment advisor Scott Hanson talks about retirement plans and IRA rollovers.

What is a Fee-Based Advisor?

Scott Hanson talks retirement and compensation models for investment advisors.

Retirement and Assumptions about Rates of Return

Investment advisor Scott Hanson talks about how rates of return impact retirement preparation.