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New Year, New Tax Law?

Scott and Pat of Hanson McClain’s Money Matters advise a caller about the tax advantages of Charitable Giving Account.

Don't Take That Mandatory Withdrawal Just Yet

Caller Paul is about to hit 70½ and wants to know if he should reinvest his required minimum distribution, or pay off his mortgage.

Don't Donate Your House Just Yet

Scott and Pat explain to San Diego Jamie how donating her house doesn’t make good financial sense.

When Is Borrowing Money a Good Move?

This Hanson McClain’s Money Matters’ caller wants to know his options for funding a child’s college education.

A Classic Example of Proactive Financial Planning

A caller to Hanson McClain’s Money Matters is an entrepreneur who is sitting pretty, but he needs a plan to make his windfall last.

The Power of Diversification

Scott and Pat, hosts of Hanson McClain’s Money Matters, advise a caller who is well diversified and looking forward to the future.

The Incredible Versatility of a Thrift Savings Plan

Hanson and McClain advise a great saver about the incredible versatility of a Thrift Savings Plan.

Should I pay $30,000 per year for life insurance?

Our caller, Jennifer, is trying to figure out if it is time for her 89-year-old aunt, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, to let her life insurance collapse.

Keep Funding 403B or move to Roth IRA?

This caller, who will retire in 2 years, asks if she should continue to invest in her 403b or start a Roth IRA. Pat and Scott explain that it is time to start diversifying with an Roth IRA.

When Should You Begin Taking Social Security? Well, it Depends . . .

Caller asks, “I am retired and eligible for Social Security next year. Should I start withdrawing from my 457b before or after collecting Social Security?”

Forget Social Security, Vest that Federal Pension!

Caller asks about Social Security for her retirement income – but the answer turns out to be even more lucrative - unbeknownst to this teacher.

Dream Retirement: Sell Business and Play Golf for the Rest of Your Life

Call asks, “What is the ideal place for anticipated $4 million payout for sale of small civil engineering firm?”

Funding Child’s Retirement: You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Is funding your recently graduated children’s retirement the best way to teach them about saving and investing? Pat and Scott outline the pros and cons.

Investment Advice for the Golden Years

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a son on how to help his 102-year old father invest for the future.