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Emergency Retirement Guide

Hanson McClain's Emergency Retirement Guide is for people who have been forced to stop working due to ill health, company layoffs or downsizing.

Kids graduated? If so, it's time to focus on your retirement.

Scott Hanson's latest CNBC column provides tips for empty nesters on planning for retirement once the kids leave home.

60 Days to Retirement

Scott Hanson gives people who are facing an emergency retirement a roadmap to see them through.

Should You Invest or Pay Off Your Mortgage?

How to Choose Between Your House and Your 401(k).

Get your FREE Guide: 7 Personal Decision Points

The 7 Personal Decision Points, a comprehensive approach to the retirement planning and retirement transition process.

Many Americans Don't Enjoy Retirement

Scott Hanson's latest Kiplinger's column examines the ever-changing face of retirement.

Traditional Retirement: May It Rest in Peace

Scott Hanson writes for CNBC about the changing lifestyle goals of modern retirees.

It Pays to Know Your Pension Options

You may get to choose from several options for receiving your pension. In Kiplinger's, Scott Hanson provides answers on how to think through them.

Pension:  Once in a Lifetime Decision

Retirement experts Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, hosts of Money Matters, advise a caller on a strategy for protecting his pension income.

Your 7 Personal Decisions Points - Webinar On Demand

Join Pat McClain, ChFC®, for this FREE retirement webinar to learn how you can become confident that you'll be able to retire in the same lifestyle you enjoy today.

Should I Pay Off My Child's Mortgage?

Retirement experts Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, hosts of Money Matters financial topic radio show, advise a caller about complex estate planning issues.

Just Say No to Life Insurance as a Retirement Fund

Retirement expert Scott Hanson's latest Kiplinger's column warns consumers about high-commission insurance investment products with complex tax loopholes.

To Roth or Not to Roth: Tax Diversification

Retirement expert Scott Hanson explains the difference between 403(b)s and Roth IRA savings accounts in Kiplinger magazine.

Is myRA a good start?

On CNBC, Scott Hanson argues for simplied pension laws.

Why 401(k) loans are bad

Listen to Scott and Pat discuss why taking a loan from your 401(k) is a bad idea and can have a negative effect on your retirement savings.

What should I do with my prize winnings?

From maximizing his 401(k), to amortizing his mortgage, listen as Scott and Pat advise a lucky caller who just won a huge jackpot!

The Biggest Oversight in Most Americans' Retirement Planning

Retirement expert Scott Hanson writes about quality of life issues for Kiplinger magazine.

Dad just died, mom needs help

Financial expert, and Barron's Top 100 Independent Advisor, Scott Hanson, writes about retirement and asset allocation for Kiplinger.

Big Changes to Social Security are here!

Retirement expert Scott Hanson writes about a sudden change to Social Security and how these changes may impact you.

Should I Take the Lump Sum on My Pension?

Retirement expert Scott Hanson writes about pensions and lump sum payouts.

Where to put RMDs if not needed for retirement?

Listen to Scott and Pat help a caller determine where to invest his required minimum distributions (RMDs) and the possible tax implications.

Lies, Levies, and Lawsuits

Watch this FREE webinar hosted by Scott Hanson, CFP®, to help you gather the information you need to research to learn the background of your investment advisor.

Should You Withdraw from Your 401(k) or Your Roth First?

Listen to Scott and Pat help a caller decide how best to withdraw income from his retirement accounts to minimize his taxable income.

Surprising Social Security Advice for High-Income Retirees

Scott Hanson writes in Kiplinger magazine about Social Security means testing and retirement.

Your 7 Personal Decision Points

Hanson McClain Advisors has developed the 7 Personal Decisions Points to help you prepare for retirement transition.

Should I pay off my mortgage leading into retirement?

Listen to Scott and Pat help a caller decide if it would be in her best interest to pay off her mortgage before she retires.

Answers to Pre-Retirees' 9 Biggest Worries

Retirement education and planning can make a big difference. Get the FREE eBook from Hanson McClain Advisors, Answers to Pre-Retirees' 9 Biggest Worries.

10 Things Everyone Must Know about Social Security

Are you getting the greatest benefit out of the taxes you've paid? Get the FREE eBook from Hanson McClain Advisors, "10 Things Everyone Must Know about Social Security."

Hanson McClain Market Update

Scott Hanson talks about the market volatility.

Is Early Retirement Realistic?

Scott Hanson discusses investment time horizons and retirement planning.

Social Security - What you should know

Hanson McClain's video illustrates what you should know about Social Security.

When should I start social security?

Scott Hanson talks about Social Security income and strategies to maximize your social security benefits.

Which Pool of Money Should You Use at Retirement?

Scott Hanson talks about retirement distribution sources.

How Can I Research the Quality of My Financial Advisor?

Scott Hanson discusses how to run your own check of your financial advisor.

Benefits of an IRA Rollover

Investment advisor Scott Hanson talks about retirement plans and IRA rollovers.

What is a Fee-Based Advisor?

Scott Hanson talks retirement and compensation models for investment advisors.

How to Select a Financial Advisor

Download Hanson McClain's "How to Select a Financial Advisor" FREE eBook to find an advisor that best meets your retirement needs and goals.

Means Testing - A good reason to take Social Security now?

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain discuss with a soon-to-be retired caller about means testing and when to start collecting Social Security benefits.

Pension Buyout or Annuity?

Scott and Pat review a caller's current assets, age, and rate of return to determine if a lump sum pension distribution makes sense.

What Just Happened to Your Social Security?

Retirement expert Scott Hanson explains how the new laws affect your Social Security benefits and what you should do.

Do I Have Enough Money to Retire?

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain help a caller review how much he has saved for retirement and what his income needs will be to help decide if he can retire this year.

Should You Save for Retirement in a 401(k) or Roth IRA?

All things being equal, saving the maximum into a Roth option provides the greatest chance of high, after-tax income during retirement.

Should You Save for Retirement or Pay Off Your Mortgage

If you are in a high tax bracket, max out your 401(k), earmarking some of those dollars for a future payoff during retirement.

The Female Retirement Matrix

Women, whether in a partnership or on their own, require more money and more retirement planning than their male counterparts.

My, oh myRA, what a misguided bureaucratic mess this will be

In this February 2014 article for CNBC, financial advisor Scott Hanson predicts the newly created myRA retirement plan will prove to be a bloated bureaucratic mess.