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Kevin Has a Complex Problem With His 401(k)

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain of Money Matters solve a complex 401(k) problem for a caller who is worried about his tax exposure.

Is Your Employer Using Your 401(k) to Rip You Off?

Scott Hanson sheds some light on the prevalence of companies profiting off of their employees' retirement savings.

Meet Jim, The Incredible Saver

Even though Money Matters caller Jim is such a great saver, he still wants advice about how he can save more.

Money You May Have Forgotten About

Scott and Pat provide a caller with options for pension money he didn’t know existed.

Real Estate: Boom or Bust?

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain discuss real estate and where they believe the trends are leading.

Saving Money Through Savvy Tax Planning

Scott and Pat advise an attorney who has complex money issues but a surprising number of great options.

Don’t Raid Retirement Accounts to Pay for Johnny’s College

Scott Hanson's latest CNBC column explains why it's a bad idea to use retirement accounts to fund your kid's college expenses.

A New Department of Labor Law Protects Those Investors Who Do Their Homework

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain explain what the recent Department of Labor ruling on fiduciary advisors means for investors.

7 Key Ages of Retirement Preparation

Scott Hanson of Hanson McClain Advisors details the key steps to having a dream post-work lifestyle.

Achieving Financial Independence Takes More Than Money

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain of Hanson McClain’s Money Matters discuss what financial independence really means.

Kids graduated? If so, it's time to focus on your retirement.

Scott Hanson's latest CNBC column provides tips for empty nesters on planning for retirement once the kids leave home.

A Popular Investment Vehicle with Surprising Tax Consequences

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain advise a caller to Money Matters on the tax complications surrounding annuities.

Good Advice Need Not Be Complicated

What are the tax advantages of opening an IRA and then immediately converting it to a Roth? Find out what Scott and Pat have to say.

When Is Borrowing Money a Good Move?

This Hanson McClain’s Money Matters’ caller wants to know his options for funding a child’s college education.

A Classic Example of Proactive Financial Planning

A caller to Hanson McClain’s Money Matters is an entrepreneur who is sitting pretty, but he needs a plan to make his windfall last.

The Power of Diversification

Scott and Pat, hosts of Hanson McClain’s Money Matters, advise a caller who is well diversified and looking forward to the future.

A $500 Return on a $240k investment? Ouch!

Lynn is frustrated by the dismal return on her savings. Scott and Pat find a way to balance her risk tolerance with her need to earn more money.