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Your 7 Personal Decisions Points - Webinar On Demand

Join Pat McClain, ChFC®, for this FREE retirement webinar to learn how you can become confident that you'll be able to retire in the same lifestyle you enjoy today.

401(k) Rollovers - the Pros and Cons

Watch this FREE webinar titled, "401(k) Rollovers - the Pros and Cons" hosted by Scott Hanson, CFP®, and Pat McClain, ChFC.

Why Everyone Wants to Sell You an Annuity and We Don’t

A free webinar that contains practically everything you must know about annuities presented by Scott Hanson, CFP® and Pat McClain, ChFC.

Lies, Levies, and Lawsuits

Watch this FREE webinar hosted by Scott Hanson, CFP®, to help you gather the information you need to research to learn the background of your investment advisor.

Don't Let Market Gyrations Wreck Your Retirement - On-Demand Webinar

Join Scott Hanson, CFP®, for this FREE retirement webinar to learn what you can do to allocate your portfolio in a way that protects you and your family.

What Just Happened to Your Social Security?

Retirement expert Scott Hanson explains how the new laws affect your Social Security benefits and what you should do.

Simple Steps to Determine If Your Plan is Measuring Up

Watch Hanson McClain’s webinar for business owners to learn about the three critical elements of a successful retirement plan.

Xcel Webinar - Understanding Your Company Pension and Savings Plans

Free webinar for Xcel Energy employees hosted by Pat McClain, ChFC and Adam Peters to help individuals answer the question "Are You Prepared for Retirement?"