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Your 7 Personal Decisions Points - Webinar On Demand

Join Pat McClain, ChFC®, for this FREE retirement webinar to learn how you can become confident that you'll be able to retire in the same lifestyle you enjoy today.

Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

Listen to Scott and Pat explain how Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) work as they help a caller determine when and how much to withdraw to meet the requirement.

Lies, Levies, and Lawsuits

Watch this FREE webinar hosted by Scott Hanson, CFP®, to help you gather the information you need to research to learn the background of your investment advisor.

Your 7 Personal Decision Points

Hanson McClain Advisors has developed the 7 Personal Decisions Points to help you prepare for retirement transition.

Does a Roth make sense for college funding?

Listen to Scott and Pat help a caller evaluate if a Roth 401(k) or IRA would allow for him to continue saving for retirement with the option of utilizing those same dollars for his kid’s college later on.

How to Select a Smart Password

Get a FREE copy of Online Identity Protection: How to Select a Smart Password. Learn how you can keep your hard-earned retirement savings and good credit safe.

How Can I Research the Quality of My Financial Advisor?

Scott Hanson discusses how to run your own check of your financial advisor.

A 401(k) for a New College Grad? Yes!

Better still If the employer offers a Roth option. The money inside the plan will grow tax-deferred, and with the Roth, it can be withdrawn tax-free in retirement.

What is a Fee-Based Advisor?

Scott Hanson talks retirement and compensation models for investment advisors.

How to Select a Financial Advisor

Download Hanson McClain's "How to Select a Financial Advisor" FREE eBook to find an advisor that best meets your retirement needs and goals.

Should I save for retirement or fund my kid's college?

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, co-hosts of Money Matters, review the question of saving for retirement or college funding.

Is this disabled Veteran eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Scott Hanson and Pat McClain review a disabled Veterans options of either being self-employed or receiving Social Security Disability Income.

5 Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

Scott Hanson writes about the power of maturity and aging in the new American retirement landscape, and the 5 Benefits of Hiring Older Workers.

A Big Idea for Retirement

More people than ever before are beginning retirement and then enrolling in college.

A Particle Physicist’s Guide to Smart Passwords

How do you better defend yourself against identity theft with smart passwords.