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Money Matters Welcomes Advisor Barbara Healy

Scott and Pat talk to advisor Barbara Healy about a terminally ill client whose last wish is to take care of his wife.

Kids or No Kids? You Still Need a Living Trust.

Retirement experts Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, hosts of Hanson McClain's Money Matters, advise an investor about wills and living trusts in California.

Your 7 Personal Decisions Points - Webinar On Demand

Join Pat McClain, ChFC®, for this FREE retirement webinar to learn how you can become confident that you'll be able to retire in the same lifestyle you enjoy today.

Our Best Tips for Retiring Mortgage Free

Retirement experts Scott Hanson and Pat McClain explain the hidden benefits of paying off your mortgage.

Trusted Family Advisor Has You In Mind

Scott Hanson advises readers about an important relationship that must be established before either partner becomes terminally ill.

What are the probate taxes on inherited assets?

Scott and Pat explain how probate taxes work, what a "step-up in basis" is, & other types of taxes that may come into play when someone inherits assets.

Lies, Levies, and Lawsuits

Watch this FREE webinar hosted by Scott Hanson, CFP®, to help you gather the information you need to research to learn the background of your investment advisor.

How do I choose a Guardian for my children?

Listen to Scott and Pat review with a caller the differences between an Executor and Guardian. They advise on what to consider when appointing someone for the roles.

Your 7 Personal Decision Points

Hanson McClain Advisors has developed the 7 Personal Decisions Points to help you prepare for retirement transition.

Can I Give An Inherited Retirement Account to My Mom?

Scott Hanson writes in Kiplinger about retirement, being a benefactor, and inheriting a 401(k) or pension.

Don’t Be Sentimental with Inherited Stocks

Financial expert Scott Hanson writes about inheritances and stock liquidation.

Gifting Stocks to Charity

Listen to Scott and Pat discuss how gifting appreciated stocks can have tax benefits and reset your cost basis if re-purchased.

Can I Name My Trust As My IRA Beneficiary?

Scott Hanson discusses naming a trust as primary beneficiary for a retirement plan.

How Can I Research the Quality of My Financial Advisor?

Scott Hanson discusses how to run your own check of your financial advisor.

What is a Fee-Based Advisor?

Scott Hanson talks retirement and compensation models for investment advisors.

How to Select a Financial Advisor

Download Hanson McClain's "How to Select a Financial Advisor" FREE eBook to find an advisor that best meets your retirement needs and goals.